Choosing the Perfect ADU:

A Guide to Popular ADU Types

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) have gained tremendous popularity in recent years as a flexible and affordable housing solution. These secondary living units, often located on the same property as a primary residence, offer numerous benefits and functionalities that cater to diverse needs. From providing additional living space for extended family members to generating rental income or serving as a home office, ADUs offer a versatile housing option that can adapt to various lifestyles.

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Common Qualities of ADUs

While ADUs can come in a wide range of styles and designs, there are certain common qualities that define them.

To be considered an independent living space, an ADU typically requires a kitchen or kitchenette. This allows for self-sufficiency and ensures the occupants have all the necessary amenities to live comfortably.

ADUs can be either attached or detached from the primary residence, depending on the property layout and zoning regulations. Attached ADUs are connected to the main house, sharing a wall or occupying a portion of the existing structure. Detached ADUs, on the other hand, are separate buildings or units located within the same property but with their own entrances and distinct living areas

Another aspect to consider is the layout and size of the ADU. They can be either single-story or double-story structures, depending on the available space and the desired functionality. Single-story ADUs provide convenience and accessibility, while double-story ADUs maximize living area without increasing the footprint on the property.

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Exploring Different Types of ADUs

The flexibility and versatility of ADUs come to life when viewed against the backdrop of their many functionalities. 

When considering the construction of an ADU, it is essential to review the multitude of benefits they offer to determine the specific functionality you desire. By constructing an ADU, you can create:

Explore the different types of ADUs we can create to suit your lifestyle below.

Garage Apartment

A garage apartment ADU combines the advantages of additional living space and a brand new garage. It provides a separate and fully functional living unit above a garage, offering privacy for guests or rental opportunities. Simultaneously, it adds secure parking and storage space, maximizing the property’s functionality and value.

Granny Flats

Granny flats are often attached, single-story ADUs that provide an independent living space for elderly family members. These ADUs are designed to accommodate the unique needs of aging adults, with features such as grab bars, wider doorways, and accessible bathroom fixtures.

In-Law Suite

An in-law suite is an ADU for within a property that is specifically designed to accommodate family members. In-law suites are often single-story and connected to the main residence. They are intended to provide both privacy and convenience for any length of stay.

Guest Houses

Similar to in-law suites, guest house ADUs are designed to provide a comfortable and private space for visiting friends and family members. These ADUs are often detached, featuring cozy living areas, small kitchens, and separate bedrooms or sleeping lofts. Guest house ADUs allow for a balance between togetherness and privacy during extended visits.

Rental Units

ADUs designed specifically for rental purposes are becoming increasingly popular. These ADUs offer an additional source of income for homeowners and provide affordable housing options for tenants. Rental ADUs are often detached structures, 1-2 stories with 2 bedrooms for maximum occupancy advantages. They emphasize privacy and functionality, with features such as separate entrances, dedicated parking spaces, and modern amenities.

Home Offices/Professional Studio ADUs

As remote work and entrepreneurship continue to rise, the demand for dedicated home offices and creative spaces has grown. These ADUs are often single-story and detached, designed to offer a quiet and secluded workspace separate from the main residence. These units often include ample natural light, soundproofing, and flexible layouts to suit various work requirements.

Home Addition

Home additions can also be classified as ADUs that are attached and built as an extension of the main house. This type of ADU shares at least one wall with the primary residence, allowing for convenience and easy access to the main dwelling while maintaining privacy and independence. Attached ADUs can be built as double-stories or as a single-story that acts as an expanded wing. These tiny homes are an excellent option for homeowners looking to maximize their existing space while creating a separate living area.

Tiny Home

Tiny homes are charming and private ADU options, ideal for homeowners seeking to downsize and capitalize on rental income by converting their larger home into a rental property, while enjoying the comfort and independence of a separate, stylish living space. Despite their name, these types of ADUs are often two–stories and 1-2 bedrooms, allowing homeowners to downsize yet remain comfortable with their new living space.

Other Notable ADU Options

She Shed/Man Cave: A she shed or man cave is a dedicated space within a property that provides individuals with a personal retreat, allowing them to pursue hobbies, relax, or engage in activities that reflect their personal interests and style.

Pool Houses: ADUs that serve as pool houses create a luxurious and functional space for recreational activities. These units often include changing rooms, bathrooms, lounging areas, and storage space for pool equipment. Pool house ADUs enhance the outdoor living experience and provide a dedicated space for relaxation and entertainment.

When these ADUs are built as an individual living space, if the structure does not have a kitchen, it becomes an Accessory Living Quarter rather than an Accessory Dwelling Unit.

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