ADU Cost &
Pricing Guide

We understand that building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) is a huge decision. Our goal is to empower you with honest and reliable ADU cost information to help you budget for your project.

Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU)

As you consider building an ADU, this cost and pricing guide will help you develop an initial budget and plan for the ownership costs associated.

For more accurate pricing, our Pre-Construction process will provide you with a more detailed estimate. Contact us to get started.

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Studio or 1 Bedroom (200 - 400 sqft)

2 Story: $190k - $235k

1 Story: $145k - $180k

1 Bedroom (400 - 575 sqft)

2 Story: $230k - $270k

1 Story: $155k - $185k

2 or 3 Bedrooms (650 - 800 sqft)

2 Story: $275k - $350k

1 Story: $185k - $250k

Costs of Building an ADU: A Couple Things to Consider

There are several things to consider when researching the cost of building an ADU:

These factors are known to affect ADU costs. Keeping these in mind, a customized estimate for your project may vary greatly. 

To start, we’ll take a look at the general cost of ADUs based on size. Then, we’ll look at the long-term cost and ROI associated with owning an ADU.

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From increased living space to enhanced property value, hear from homeowners about the multitude of benefits ADUs have brought to their homes and lives.

Cost of ADU Ownership

It’s essential to consider the various ownership costs associated with ADUs to make an informed decision. Here’s a breakdown of these costs:

Tiny homes generally need less maintenance compared to regular houses. That means lower expenses for you as a homeowner. With fewer square footage and simpler systems, you’ll spend less on maintenance, repairs, and utilities.

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ROI of Owning an ADU in St. Petersburg, FL

St. Pete ADUs not only offer a distinctive and versatile living space option, but they also have the potential for financial gains. The thriving tiny home market in St. Pete is attracting homeowners who recognize the various opportunities it presents.

Rental Opportunities: Tourists flock to St. Pete all year round, and many of them are searching for unique and affordable places to stay. Renting out your tiny home can be a game-changer.  

In the St. Petersburg area, based on personal experience, an ADU can generate approximately $35,000 in gross annual income.

Increased Property Value: The real estate market in St. Pete is on the rise, and property values keep going up. Homes with accessory dwelling units (ADUs) often sell for more than those without one.  In America’s biggest cities, a home with an ADU is priced 35% higher on average than a home without one. That means you can benefit from increasing property values over time, boosting your overall return on investment. 

Overall, if you’re thinking long-term, ADUs are a smart move for your money!

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