CASK Construction Addresses Affordable Housing Challenges at Tampa Bay Round Table

CASK Construction Addresses Affordable Housing Challenges at Tampa Bay Round Table

Chad Holman, Vice President of Operations and Co-Founder of CASK Construction, a prominent Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) builder in the Tampa Bay area, recently contributed his insights to a critical discussion on affordable housing. Holman was invited to participate in a round table organized by Ian Anderson, Publisher of the Tampa Bay Business Journal, and Samar Jha, Government Affairs Director at AARP, where local experts and business leaders explored multifaceted aspects of affordable housing challenges in Tampa Bay.

Featuring a distinguished panel of experts, the group addressed a wide range of topics related to housing needs, from low-income units to workforce solutions. Holman shared his expertise alongside notable figures such as former State Senator Jeff Brandes, founder of the Florida Policy Project, and Catherine Coyle, Chief Operating Officer of Habitat for Humanity of Hillsborough County, among others.

Holman highlighted the significance of ADUs in addressing Tampa’s housing challenges, emphasizing the need for streamlined permitting processes. “The growth of ADUs in St. Pete, driven by zoning changes, has boosted the market for ADU builders to increase housing supply and reduce costs,” said Holman. He also addressed concerns about NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) sentiments, noting that ADUs, being the least invasive form of construction, offer controlled density and contribute to addressing affordability.

The round table explored various housing aspects, highlighting the importance of diverse housing options, workforce housing, financial education, and the rise of ADUs as a solution. Chad Holman emphasized the need for education on ADU financing and the crucial role of lenders. Acknowledging unique housing challenges in Tampa, Stephen Benson, City of Tampa’s Planning Director, shared a concerning statistic: around a quarter of residents allocate over 30% of income to housing. The discussion also touched on the Housing Leadership Council of Tampa Bay’s commitment to innovative solutions. For more details, read the full article.

Chad Holman, representing CASK Construction, expressed gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to the dialogue on affordable housing. “At CASK Construction, we are dedicated to finding innovative ways to address the affordable housing challenge,” said Holman. “Collaborative efforts with local experts and leaders are essential for creating meaningful, sustainable solutions.”

As the VP of Operations and Co-Founder of CASK Construction, Holman oversees the company’s commitment to excellence in construction, customer satisfaction, and community engagement.

About CASK Construction

Established in 2018, CASK Construction stands as the foremost builder of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in St. Pete, bringing over 15 years of construction and project management expertise to Tampa Bay. In response to a need for transparent and honest construction services, our founders set out to redefine industry practices. With a dedicated team of engineers, architects, and builders, CASK Construction is deeply committed to enhancing our community’s landscape by providing innovative and customizable ADU solutions. As the top ADU builder in St. Pete, we take pride in our role in the growth and evolution of families and businesses, ensuring you experience the full potential of your space with integrity and expertise.

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