How to Choose New Home Builders: Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that the growth of the US population has been outpacing home construction for two decades?

The unfortunate reality is that there is simply not enough housing for everyone. New home builders are throwing up residential developments at incredible speed, knowing that their services are in high demand. They along with Florida ADU builders are your key to obtaining the home of your dreams.

On the bright side, you have a lot of options to choose from with home builders in St. Petersburg, FL. However, just like any company, you should do your research before you dive into it.

In this guide, we aim to help you to get the best home building experience possible. Keep reading for tips on how to choose a new home builder in St. Petersburg.

Ensure that Your New Home Builders Have the Proper Insurance and Licensing

There are a lot of regulations surrounding the building of homes and for good reason. Builders need to build a home in accordance with the following factors and many more:

  • fire regulations
  • flood protection
  • occupancy regulations
  • environmental conservation regulations
  • access to infrastructure

Take the time to verify that your new home builder has the proper credentials. This is proof from the government that they know what they’re doing. You don’t want to work with anybody who can’t obtain them.

You can ask them directly for their credentials, or you can search for them yourself. Use a service like the DBPR to find more information on your contractor.

Do Your Research by Reading Online Reviews

Online reviews are a godsend for establishing the bona fides of any organization. People with good experiences will give their contractor glowing reviews. Conversely, those with a bad taste in their mouth will rush the post about their experience on any online forum they can find.

Fortunately, you have a lot of places where you can find reviews. Google, Facebook, and others provide free review aggregation. Searching from multiple sites gives you a better overall view.

Take the time to evaluate the reviews critically. Some anti-competitive practices such as review bombing can spoil legitimate ratings.

Read the reviews one by one and try to establish a common theme. Find out if there is a concern that many reviewers had. Focus on reviews that are more objective than emotional.

Prioritize Home Building Experience

Experience is often the best teacher, hands down. It is invaluable since it means that your home builder has seen it all. If a difficult situation crops up, there is a good chance that they have dealt with it in the past.

Find a home builder that provides examples of their newest builds. If possible, ask to visit one of these new homes. This can give you a sense of what you’re getting yourself into.

Talk to Homeowners that Live in Built Homes

Even if you have seen the home with your own eyes, talking to its inhabitants will tell you a lot. Contact the homeowners, if possible, that live in homes that your contractor built. This can provide an eye-opening insight into your contractor’s build quality.

People who live in a home know how often it breaks down, how good the insulation is, and how much sound the walls let in. Even if the house looks great after a walk-through, the true issues may not pop up until much later.

Take Your Time with Comparing Home Building Costs

You want to identify your needs before you break ground. You may be a first-time buyer, an empty nester, or simply someone in search of a dream home. Make sure that your contractor can cater to your needs.

Building a home isn’t cheap, so you want to establish a budget from the beginning. Choose a contractor that can keep to your budget throughout the project. If additional costs arise, they need to account for that and give fair warning in advance.

When signing the contract, you will either sign a fixed-price or cost-plus contract. This will give you a rough idea of how much you should expect to spend.

Be aware of what the home building actually includes. For example, your contractor may not include utility connections and landscaping in the job contract. Knowing what you are on the hook for can prevent messy misunderstandings.

Also, keep in mind that the lowest price is not necessarily the best price. A low price means that the contractor had to get the costs down somehow. You really don’t want to risk low-quality materials and a cheap build just to save money.

Find a Contractor that Can Make Your Custom Home Design a Reality

Why bother choosing the best options for homebuilders if you can’t get exactly what you want? The whole purpose of contracting a home builder is to get the vision you have in your mind’s eye. If your contractor can’t make that design a reality, then you should probably search elsewhere.

If You Need it, Find Florida ADU Builders

Many people have made a lot of money by renting out a room. It’s an excellent source of side income. Some people even run an Airbnb full-time.

One of the best ways to have a rental or Airbnb is with an ADU, or accessory dwelling unit. This is a detached section of your home that has its own living accommodations. Thanks to how it is separate from the rest of your home, it makes it the ideal place to give renters or visitors their own space away from the owners.

If you plan on including an ADU or any other unique add-ons, make sure your home builder can accommodate them.

Find a Custom Home Builder Today

Florida homeowners, there’s no time like the present to build a home. There are plenty of home builders in St. Petersburg, FL ready to give you the home of your dreams. Use the above tips when choosing new home builders.

Cask Construction is one of the best Florida ADU builders and new home builders in the Sunshine State. Visit our website and let us turn your vision into reality.

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